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About Us

about us

Heritage Village, this reconstruction of a traditional oasis village provides an interesting glimpse into the emirate’s past.

Traditional aspects of the desert way of life, including a campfire with coffee pots, a goats’ hair tent, and a falaj irrigation system, are attractively displayed in the open museum.

There are workshops where craftsmen demonstrate traditional skills, such as metal work and pottery, while women sit weaving and spinning. The craftsmen are happy to share their skills, and may occasionally give you the chance to try them out.

Al Asalah Heritage Restaurant

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a tranquil nod back to an earlier time in Abu Dhabi, and the eatery choices at Al Asalah echo the vibe perfectly With the blue waters of the Abu Dhabi breakwater providing the sparkling backdrop for the Al Asalah restaurant, the dining experience is pleasurable before even entering the venue.

The menu is an extensive buffet of cold and hot dishes. The choice also includes a fresh market-style fish display and a range of meats, all of which can be grilled on the spot to your preference. It's so substantial that it is best to pace yourself to leave the restaurant without having managed to sample everything on offer would be a disappointing feeling. We realised our eyes were bigger than our bellies and had to forgo the delightful array of delicately presented desserts..

A division of Fathima Group of Companies managed by Sealand Group. Blending the traditional and modern cuisines is the unique forte of Al Asalah Restaurant. We specialize in traditional local food and all kinds of fresh seafood grills. The chef's special recipes have proved popular with all those who love the refined taste of local dishes and fresh seafood. Family rooms are designed in the local modern style where families can enjoy a superb time in perfect privacy and total comfort. Luxury in a heritage ambience.

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